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Essential Music & Marketing is one of today’s top leading music labels and distribution companies operating out of the (UK) and all of Europe. Essential Music & Marketing and its sister company Cooking Vinyl Group has successfully released groundbreaking projects from Platinum recording artists such as The Prodigy, Duran Duran, Counting Crowes, and the Black Keys.Upcoming highly anticipated albums from The Cranberries & The Cult are due out soon. Most recently controversial album by Multi-Platinum Grammy Winner Marilyn Manson (Born Villain) his first in 8 years was released on Essential Music and is receiving rave reviews Internationally.

Essential Music & Marketing has built a solid foundation and reputation for working with iconic legends such as Blondie and The Buzzcocks along with playing a pivotal role in breaking new soon to be global rising stars like IKIL ORIION. International rebel rocker IKIL ORIION is a New Orleans born profound authentic recording artist whose musical mojo cast a spell on audiences and listeners worldwide. His style incorporates vintage punk & new wave with an indie rock spirit of rebellion.

Influences of his range from Iggy Pop, U2, Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Cure, Depeche Mode and The Smiths. IKIL ORIION’s groundbreaking debut album ‘PARANOISE VOID’ is slated for August 27th, 2012 on Essential Music & Marketing in the (UK) and all of Europe via Physical/Digital distribution. The album is (10) song rock & rollercoasteride mixed and engineered by Platinum Grammy Winning team Sylvia Massy & Rich Veltrop both combined with over 10 million sales.

Download   IKIL ORIION’s   debut   hit single

‘For Better ‘R’ Worse’

from his upcoming album

Paranoise  Void

IKIL ORIION’s album (Paranoise Void) features an All-Star cast of characters consisting of original Ska/Punk pioneers Fishbone, renowned Funkster Ivan Neville, UK legend Don Letts (Big Audio Dynamite), percussion maestro Leon Mobley (Michael Jackson+Ben Harper), Rocky George of Suicidal Tendencies and Greg Bell. Parnoise Void was mastered by Erick Labson (Lady Gaga, Black Eye Peas) in Hollywood, Ca. at Universal Mastering Studios.
For more information & enquiries please contact;

IKIL ORIION – Official UK & European Booking Agency



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